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Musings of a Long Letter Lady in Canada

~*Dawn's Small Place in HyperSpace*~

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Hi there! I'm a 36 year old female living in Ontario, Canada. I'm married with no children by choice. I like kids alot but it just isn't a priority right now for us, and I like having my "selfish" time. I have the pleasure of working with young children and enjoying their company, but also have the advantage of sending them home at the end of the day! LOL!

My pets are my children for now. I have a very spoiled and bossy golden retriever, a hyper/psycho border collie, a neurotic calico cat and a chubby mini rex rabbit. I love my furry creatures but the tumbleweeds of hair throughout my house drive me crazy!

My interests include: reading voraciously (mysteries/thrillers, magazines, non fiction, children's literature, the web and much more), the internet, email and webpage design for fun, penpalling (a hobby that I started as a teen and still do now as an adult although I write to only a handful of people now), television (House, Survivor, Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen, hgtv.ca, the Food Network, Judge Judy, 21 Jump Street....


My journal is FRIENDS ONLY. This is only because I had a negative experience with someone who added me to their friends list and would constantly add negative comments. I don't need that kind of negativity.

Also, since I talk about my students sometimes and their families, it is best for my own protection, that I not have my journal open to everyone.

That being said, I am willing to add nice, friendly people. Old friends or penpals are welcome. Spelling Nazi's are not.

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