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My Former Students

I'm thinking today of work and I'm making plans to definitely go into work to get ready this week provided that the weather isn't too hot. =) So I've been thinking of students that I've taught over the years. By now, when I think about it I've taught over 250 children! Wow. That's amazing to me. It could actually be more but that is just a rough estimate. Over the years, I've definitely had some interesting stories and some interesting children. I think I'll just tell you about a few.

First of all, there is the child who was a guest on the Maury Povich show. Yes, indeedy! She told us the week before that she was going to be taking a plane to New York to go to the Morio show, but neither myself nor my EA could quite put that together. Then we found out through another person that the child was going to be on the Maury show. She was going to be the child of the upcoming paternity test. I used to think that these shows must really be fakery, but after knowing someone who was actually on the show, I know that they are real people. I *did* see the episode by the way. The mother was completely a loser on the show. The Daddy WAS the Daddy after all. The poor child to be exploited like that by her own mother. Made me sad because she was the sweetest thing on the planet.

Another child in my class many many years ago, had her mother stabbed to death in front of her. That broke my heart. Her mother was a druggie but the child herself was a complete sweetheart and truly was one of the most pleasant and polite children I've ever taught. She is now bounced around living with Grandmother and Aunt and I hope that she will get her life together after that traumatic event.

I had a child whose Grandmother was charged and convicted of murder. It wouldn't have been so weird, if I hadn't know the Grandmother because the she would often pick up the little girl after school. The Grandmother was definitely 'rough around the edges' - a bit of a biker Grandma (which in itself is not a bad thing, but you could sort of tell that she probably hung out with a rougher group of friends) and not always the most polite person.

I had another child whose Mother we were pretty sure was an escort. It was never confirmed but the staff was pretty convinced. She certainly dressed the part and had money that seemed to be beyond her means. She was always sending the kids to school in a taxi which I thought to be odd.

These stories always remind me that despite how screwed up their home lives are sometimes, children have a resiliency that amazes me. They can come from the most odd of homes, and still end up being polite and pleasant children.

But then again, I've also had a few who have come from screwed up homes and that, already at the age of 5, seemed to be destined for a bad life ahead of them. Like the child I had who threatened to go into his backpack and get a knife to slit the throat of another student. Normally, something like that would be just talk, but this child, well, I wouldn't have doubted that he'd actually carried the plan out. Then there was the other one who was the best friend of that child I just mentioned who was, somewhat similiar in behaviour. His favourite words were "Oh For Christ's sake!". I have a feeling that I will see these children in the paper (and not for good things) in the years to come.



Well, I managed to finish about 3/4 of the sodding job by the time hubby came home. He was quite impressed actually. I did very well laying down the sod so that the seams did not show.  When hubby came home, he helped me with the final 1/4 that was left although he did such a quick job of it, I was actually better off to have done it myself. I thought he'd be very picky about the seams, but he just rolled it, padded it down with his feet and that was it.  There I am on the other hand, carefully on my hands and knees aligning the seams.  The yard looks great and I'm very, very pleased. Turns out he got 20 "rolls" (don't know what the proper term is - carpet?) of sod and got it dirt cheap for $30.  It was slightly brown-green grass but once we started to soak it heavily with the sprinklers, you could actually see the colour start to come back.  I'm thrilled with the look.  As long as all the sod "takes", we'll be good.  I am really sore though. I feel like an old lady =) It was alot of work weeding the garden and then laying down the sod. Sod can be heavy stuff. Not to mention of course, that it was warm and sunny and no shade where I was working.

I called my Mom today.  I called to wish her a "happy heartattackiversary" =) It was a year ago that she had a massive heart attack after housesitting for us.  Of course, heart attacks are not good things, but the great thing is that the clotbuster did its job and she is still around. My mother and I have always been very close and I just couldn't imagine had things not worked out with the clotbuster that night. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Well, it's time to settle down for the evening. Have a good one.



I remember an episode of the Facts of Life where Blair said that she "doesn't sweat, rather, she *glistens*". Well, I suppose after that I have to say that I don't glisten. I sweat. I sweat like a pig. Ugh! It's only around 84 out there which is a break from the 90 degree temps lately, but the sun is out there strong and when you are working...well, I'm sweatin'.

The sod arrived at around 3:30 and I've managed to put about half of it down. I've come to a bit of a crossroads because halfway in the garden there's a bush I started to take down, but I'd been meaning to ask hubby to just take his chain saw and cut it, because it was much too thick branched to dig out. Well now, do I stop at this bush? Do I sod around it and hope hubby gets to cut it down later? Or do I sod around it, and hope it grows back so I just don't have this ugly stump sitting there forever? Ugh. I'm not quite sure what to do. He'll probably come home and say, "Geez, why didn't you ask me to cut down the damn bush before today?". I'll of course say "You only told me about the sod coming last night!" and of course, it will end up being my fault that this bush is in the way of our sod fiesta. Ugh! ("Sod fiesta" now that's a term you don't hear every day :)

To make matters worse, the last of my flip flops has well, flopped and now I don't have any flip flops to wear so I'm barefoot in that nasty mud half laying down sod and watering it at the same time. I feel absolutely grungola =(


And it's friggin hot and I cannot stand this anymore. I *hate* gardening with a passion. Someone come to my house and put down some cement!



We Bought Some Grass

We bought some grass. Now before that mind gets in the gutter, let me tell you that it is the kind that grows to make a lawn. Yes, we're having some sod delivered today. That in itself is definitely not earth shattering news, but it is going to mean that within the next ten minutes I have a ton of work to do :( Blah.

The right side of our back yard consists of huge flowerbeds. Well really, it's sort of more like dirt with weeds. Seriously, I suppose that at one time the previous owner put lots of flower in there, but since we've lived here (this is our third summer) the weeds have far outnumbered the flowers. Since we've moved, we've also talked about putting sod down in that area so that the ugly gardens would be gone and the dogs would have a little more room. Last night, while watching television hubby said "Oh yes, I ordered some sod and it will arrive tomorrow". Apparently, there is some guy that he knows from work that does landscaping and he was in at his work yesterday so hubs placed an order. He doesn't seem to know when exactly the sod will actually be arriving other than sometime today.

So I guess that means that I'll be going out there and ripping out all those nasty weeds. Let me tell you, it will be alot of work and I'm not looking forward to it. (Hence, the procrastination of going on here to journal right now).

I'm also not sure how much sod he's ordered - if it will be enough to cover the whole area or if I should only weed a section of it. Oh well, I guess I might as well do the whole thing since he'll order any more that we need in a few days anyway.

Did I mention that I absolutely hate gardening? UGH!

Well it's time to venture to the kingdom of the weeds!

If I'm not back in an hour or two, send the search party :)



The weather has cooled off here for a day. Yay! No more blistering 90+ degree weather, at least not for today however short that is. It's so nice not to be sweating profusely for a change. I'm comfortable!  We still have no progress for our central air unit. We had another quote yesterday which was ridiculously expensive. I just wish hubby would just pick one so we could get the darn thing installed before Autumn is here!

Not much on the agenda today. I've been getting my computer files ready for the upcoming year. I'm starting to actually get excited about the challenges of the year ahead of me.  It will be a challenging year for sure but I'm sure I'll manage to survive as I always do. I just know that the month of September will leave my head spinning.  I want to get organized this year. I did really well up until January with my organization (preparing things ahead of time rather than planning and preparing at the last minute) but once basketball season came, I was thrown for a loop. I've got to really get ahead of myself in the first few months to make that transition easier this year. 

I've been playing with my LUSH products. Oh my, I never would have thought that I like body butter but I splurged and bought one, and I just love the smell of Soft Touch on my skin. Oh my goodness is it lovely!  I'll be taking that to work for sure and using it to refresh my skin throughout the day. Yum. And the deodorant, Aromaco is absolutely to die for. It's embarrassing, but I have this urge to just smell my pit area! ha! I just love the fragrance. Hubby looks at me like I've grown a third eyeball or something which I don't blame him for.  I'm definitely going to be a LUSH addict for sure. Goodbye Body Shop!  Lush baby!

No mail. It's really quite depressing.  I have all the time in the letter to write, all the inclination in the world, and not a damn piece of mail to be found...well other than bills, but they don't count now, do they? =)

Tomorrow will be a year ago that my Mom had her heart attack. Surprising how the year has flown. Thank god we have her another year! 

No big plans this weekend.  Hubby works every weekend now so we never do anything typically on the weekend except maybe go out to dinner.  We do have an invitation to my inlaws for dinner on Sunday which I always look forward to.  Remember the death in the family, well we are having the widower and other cousins over for dinner too - a full house. It should be fun..and being that there will be extended family there, that means that my MIL will have one of her killer desserts. Yum! We're having my parents over on Monday for a barbecue as well.  Should be good. 

All quiet on the western front here,

Have a happy Friday (I keep thinking today is Saturday!),





Aug. 4th, 2005

Tales of a Lush Virgin

Today I finally went into my first Lush store! I was very excited about the experience.

My first impressions: boy could you smell the store from far away. There is no mistaking a lush I suppose as the smell wafted down the mall aisle! I was kind of surprised at how small the store was as I'd expected something much larger. Before I had arrived, I made a list from the website of things to check out, but upon arrival, I was somewhat overwhelmed. All I can say is thank god I did make a list. I smelled things here and there, changed my mind a few times upon smelling things in real life. The person at the store was quite helpful explaining things to me.

This is what I ended up buying:

The Soft Touch Body Butter

Demon in the Dark Soap (I was a little taken aback at the prices of soap as I didn't realize that they were weighed - I picked this scent because I wanted something with some peppermint in it and they didn't have any Freeze which I sooo much wanted to get).

Aromaco Deodorant

Creamy Candy Bath Melt

Creamy Candy Bath

Sex Bomb

Karma Bath Bomb

Karma Bubble Bar

I was a little disappointed that she didn't instantly give me free samples upon checking out, but she did after I asked for them. I have a free sample of Fresh Pharmacy Face Soap and Extra Virgin Olive Soap. I look forward to using them and trying new things!

Heatwave and a Funeral

I haven't update as it has been too hot and I've mostly resigned myself to living in the basement during these 90 degree temperatures. Today was the funeral for hubby's dad's cousin's wife (what a mouthful). Getting ready today was a job in itself. I managed to barely get dressed, do my hair and makeup upstairs. It was like a sauna up there and poor hubby and I were sweating buckets the whole time. Hubby of course checks his clothes at the last minute and realizes that his shirt is all full of dog hair. (the joy of having a golden retriever and a border collie). So I went downstairs to get a lint brush and realized that I'm all out and that I know that there is one of course sitting in my cupboard in my classroom. Ugh. So I grabbed the packing tape and was using piece after piece to remove the dog hair while at the same time I was working up a sweat and actually had sweat dripping onto his dress shirt. Gross, I know but it was *that* hot and I don't consider myself to be someone who sweats alot. =( It was quite comical but I managed to get him dog hair free and we went on to the funeral home.

Usually we'd just go right to the church for the mass, but since hubby was going to be a pallbearer, we had to go for prayers at 9 am. Then we had a procession to the church which was practically across town. I hate the procession - I think it is an old, archaic tradition that needs to be abolished in this day and age before someone gets killed. We got cut off once on our way to the church. After the church, it was off to the cemetary.

I had a new experience with that. The lady that passed away was going to be put into a crypt. I'd never been in the crypt building before. To me, it's sort of like a big filing cabinet full of bodies. Gross yet slightly amusing in a way to think of. They slid the coffin into the whole, put up a barrier to isolate her coffin since her husband of course, will eventually join her. Then they put the marble plaque on top after closing it off. Slightly fascinating and no one on hubby's side (well immediate family) had ever seen the process before. My grandmother in September was cremated and that was our family's first experience with that too. Here by far, it is still extremely common for straight old burial. How about where you live?

Then we went off for the meal which was really well done.

I came home and napped. How exciting eh? Last night, I didn't manage to get much sleep because of the heat and because of the snoring. (Grrrr).

I've been having alot of fun with Shareaza the past while. It's a program to download music. I'm having a blast downloading music from my youth. =) And I love Gwen Stefani and I love Hollaback girl even if I don't quite know what it means.

I'm soooo excited. Tomorrow hubby is taking me to LUSH. I've been drooling over LUSH for months and have been very excited to get a store in our city. So tomorrow he said if I go with him to his doctor's appointment, he'll take me to LUSH afterwards. Yay! I'm sooo (pathetically) excited.

On a sad note, I'm twiddling thumbs here wanting a letter to write but I'm totally caught up. I took on a few new penpals and am wondering where their responses are. I'd better get some mail by the end of the week or I'll go crazy! :)

Just about to go for a p.m. swim. It's almost 11 pm here and I can't wait =) Hubby has had the heater on for a while and it should be like a bathtub.